Solving the Social Media Content Distribution Challenge (What every marketer just needs to do now)

December 19, 2013 in Apartment Internet Marketing, Apartment Marketing Ideas

Marty Weintraub

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Solving the Social Media Content Distribution Challenge

(What every marketer just needs to do now)

Marty Weintraub

From rooftop to rooftop, social media marketers bemoan the loss of Facebook as an organic social distribution channels.  Yep, 2013 was a massive social media buzz kill to many. This should come as no surprise. For several years aimClear speakers and bloggers have been preaching, “Sure as SEO practitioners MUST by search PPC, social marketers must by paid-organic content amplification ad units.” “Next year at this time, everyone in the world will be using these techniques.”  Now this reality has come true, punctuated by Facebook’s bold announcement that organic distribution is going away and that social media marketers should get used to buying ads.


Plan on reliving this in other social channels. Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels are already following suit.  This should not be a surprise and is no phenomenon. For the entire history of the Internet nearly every network, engine, community and channel that provided marketers above-the-fold-value, monetized said network, engine, etc. by charging marketers.


Well-packaged and targeted social paid amplification often generates engagement lift that exceeds purchased reach lift.  Each channel offers a continuum of results IN the channel and driving traffic externally.


The reality of the social universe now represents a stark conundrum. Social distribution resulting links and social signals are required elements for SEO. Yet, there is less and less free social distribution, except for extremely gifted and/or luck marketers.


This Is Awesome News
The good news is that a high percentage of paid feed objects in social channels look organic. They can also be targeted along tight psychographic lines.  It’s not uncommon for paid-organic ads in social feeds to perform as well or better as straight up organic propagation.  Also content distribution can easily be scheduled by editorial calendar.   Also, there are a myriad of media and PR roles, from morning show hosts at NBC to tech editors for WSJ to b2b bloggers.  These influencers consume content too, again resulting in crucial benefits likes links, mentions and social propagation.  If you’re not running content amplification programs against content marketing KPIs, you will be soon.


Every social channel offers a continuum of internal results unique to that channel. Also each social channel has the ability to drive traffic to external websites like blogs, resource pages on a website and landing pages. It’s especially interesting to note that taking this approach with Google+ page posts can result in highly valuable SEO results

Join aimClear’s internationally known Founder & Evangelist, Marty Weintraub, for a no-holds-barred look at programmatic content amplification against these KPIs including:

  • Direct Response Leads/Sales CPA KPIs
  • Branding KPIs
  • Content Amplification KPIs
  • Community Building KPIs
  • Event or Promotions
  • PR, Amplification KPIs
  • Site Traffic KPIs

He’ll take a deep dive into the next frontier of vital SEO and content marketing tactics including:

  • Using Facebook as the analogy for successful marketing in other social channels
  • Using Facebook as the missing ads platform for a range of channels.
  • Organic, semi-organic and paid-organic social amplification to Google+ page posts for direct and fundamental SEO benefits.


Attend this session at Multifamilypro’s Brainstorming Sessions 2014 or read about it somewhere else. “Next year (2015) at this time, everyone in the world will be using these techniques.


Marty Weintraub is Founder & Evangelist of aimClear®. A fixture on the international conference circuit, his recent and upcoming speaking keynotes and panels include SES London, MediaPost Search Insider Summit, OMS, Charlotte Search Exchange. Marty has spoken over the last five years at SEMpdx, mozCon, PubCon, eMetrics, and numerous other global search and social marketing conferences.

Marty’s Wiley/Sybex book, “Killer Facebook Ads” was critically acclaimed. His second Wiley book, “The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success,” was released in January, 2013. He has written extensively for respected Internet marketing publications including SearchEngineWatch, SearchEngineLand, Search Engine Roundtable & been quoted in others, from AdAge to MediaPost. aimClear Blog has been cited as a Technorati “Top 10 Small Business Blogs”, Cison “Top Ten Social Media Blogs” & PRWeb’s “25 Essential Public Relations Blogs You Should Be Reading.” Marty was also named the #3 most influential PPC professional.