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About the Idea Exchange: One of the best benefits of Brainstorming starts even before the event begins! As part of our famous Brainstorming Tools, Forms & Ideas Exchange, you’re invited to share at least one amazing idea with us before the event via the form below. All submissions will be gathered and posted to the Brainstorming Network area of our website in a special password-protected area that will be accessible by ONLY those who submitted to the Exchange. Please carefully review the instructions below.

What We Are Looking For: Examples of problems you’ve solved, processes you’ve tweaked or features you’ve implemented in interesting ways; insider tips; AHA! Moments; or the little things you do that could help other Multifamily Professionals be even more effective. Examples Include: Large and small solutions that address evolutions in our industry; Ancillary fees (tracking and reporting); Creative ways to communicate with residents; Integrating new media in successful / innovative ways; solutions that are departures from the “norm”; etc. Your submissions could take the form of articles, ads and other marketing materials, contests and incentives, reports, referral flyers, renewal campaigns, spreadsheets, checklists, move-in gift ideas, leasing incentives, operational improvements, training plans and ice-breakers, and more. Multiple Submissions are welcome and encouraged; so put your brain to work and send us your best ideas!

Idea Exchange Submission Form

  • Please be certain to include as many details as possible to assist other Brainstormers who might like to implement the idea too?

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