Keep the Comps Awake

Executive and Main Event Registration Fees :

$495. per person if registered and paid by November 01, 2015

$525. per person if registered and paid by November 09, 2015

$595. for On-Site registration

*Add our famous optional Trends Luncheon for an additional $55.

Register and pay for 5 and your 6th attendee’s base registration fee is FREE!

  • Registration includes participation in all aspects of the Brainstorming event except for the attendee-optional Trends Luncheon ($55 per person) and Toni Blake at the Catch a Rising Star Comedy Club ($15. per person). Airfare and hotel costs are the responsibility of the attendee. Your satisfaction-guaranteed base registration fee is the absolute best bargain among national industry events, and includes:
  • Two networking receptions where you’ll meet face-to-face and form valuable alliances with other forward thinking Apartment Professionals, including a virtual who’s who of our industry.
  • Participation in all of Multifamilypro’s Brainstorming Sessions, facilitated by some of the most renowned experts of our industry, and especially designed to provide real, ready-to-implement solutions to the toughest challenges that we face today as an industry, and as Apartment Professionals. Meet Our Facilitators
  • Entry to keynote presentations, specifically chosen to help boost your creative power and “out of the box” reasoning and idea generation skills.
  • Unlimited access to all educational sessions on Thursday, where a “who’s who” of our industry’s leading educators will provide the practical, tried-and-true, “real world” information that you NEED to ensure success for your company, community and career Educational Sessions.
  • Membership to the Multifamilypro’s Brainstorming Network for one year following the event, which offers access to the presentation and workbook files from the event, and more.
  • Receipt of the password to all of the  ideas, tools, and other solutions that are brainstormed throughout the event.
  • The opportunity to participate in the Tools, Forms, and Idea Exchange, which many attendees consider to be worth the cost of attending alone, and for which you will receive a password to the tried-and-true ideas from coast-to-coast in exchange for submitting one idea of your own.
Where Should I Stay?
Do I need to register in advance?
  • YES. The Brainstorming experience is unique among other industry events because Team Multifamilypro personally customizes each event to the needs and convenience of our participants. To ensure that you receive every possible benefit that the event offers, we need to know a little bit about you before you arrive at Brainstorming. Fast, secure online registration is available, or call us at 727.940.5211 to request a hard copy brochure or registration form by mail or fax.
Do I need a car?
  • No, you’ll only require transportation to and from the hotel from the Airport.
What should I wear?
  • Although casual business attire is appropriate for all Brainstorming activities, we want you to loosen up so that your very best ideas can flow freely! Main Event attendees are encouraged to dress to our Jammin’ theme on Wednesday (Pajamas) and business casual attire for the remainder of the event. The second day of the event, featuring educational opportunities and our Interactive Marketing Place, so dress comfortably during the day since you’ll be sitting for a good part of the day in K.Sessions . Feel free to call us if you need more information.  Also note that some of the hotel’s finer restaurants require more formal dress than our Brainstorming activities, so if you plan to dine out, please pack accordingly.
Is there anything special I should do to prepare myself as a new Brainstormer?
  • We recommend that all Brainstormers read the two books that largely responsible for our approach to idea generation: A Kick in the Seat of the Pants and A Whack on the Site of the Head, both by Roger Von Oech, and published by Warner Books. Both are widely available in bookstores, as well as via www.Amazon.com.
We recommend that all Brainstormers read the two
books that largely responsible for our approach to idea
generation: A Kick in the Seat of the
and A Whack on the
Site of the Head
, both by Roger Von Oech, and
published by Warner Books. Both are widely available in
bookstores, as well as via www.Amazon.com.
Should I bring anything special?
  • Bring LOTS of business cards or download BUMP. Even though you’ll have access to our Networking Directory with complete contact information for all attendees, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to hand out business cards individually to other Brainstormers and Vendor participants. You’ll also need them to enter in the vendor drawings in our Resource Room!
What exactly is “Brainstorming” and what am I in for?
  • Brainstorming is what happens when several people put their heads together with the common goal of developing solutions to a particular challenge. This is the central activity of our event, only all of those great ideas don’t just get thought up… they also recorded, gathered together, turned into ready-to implement tools, forms, plans,checklists, and so much more, and during the event are placed on a website that is created just for the events attendees. Uou can return to your company  with an entire arsenal of ready-to-use solutions! You won’t just receive the ideas that you generate – you won’t just receive the ideas that your groups generate – you’ll receive every single idea generated by every single Brainstormer who joins us at this event!!! You’ll be able to choose from an unbelievable menu of educational ( K.Sessions) programs, presented by the top leaders  in and out of our industry; as well as the matchless opportunity to meet the leading vendors and suppliers of our industry face to face in our Interactive Marketplace . The entire event is also supplemented by a variety of networking opportunities designed especially to get you in personal touch with other multifamily professionals who share your challenges, responsibilities, concerns, and specialties! We guarantee that you’ll leave Brainstorming as a better professional, and most of our Brainstormers report that the value of the experience extends in many ways to their personal lives as well.
What if I have a question that you haven’t answered here?
  • Send an e-mail message or just give us a call at 727.940.5211 to reach a member of the team that actually designs and produces Brainstorming. We would love to hear from you, and we’re at your service!

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