November 15th-17th 2017

Fort Lauderdale Florida

Multifamilypro’s Brainstorming Sessions are an immersive environment where forward thinking multifamily professionals come together to explore common challenges and develop innovative solutions that will move our industry forward.


Partners, Presidents,
Vice Presidents of Marketing, Management & Human Resources, Senior Vice Presidents of Marketing, Management & Portfolio Asset Managers

Regional Managers, Training Directors
Marketing Directors, Directors of Property Mgmt. Asset Managers, Multi-Site Managers, Property Managers





If you’ve been to Brainstorming then you’re already more than aware of the career-changing things that happens when Multifamily professionals of all specialties, levels of experience, and areas of expertise get together with the goal of sharing ideas and developing new solutions.  If you haven’t had that experience, then 2017 is definitely your year!


Work with with Multifamily professionals from across the country who understand your challenges, have valuable information and experience to share with you, and can help you overcome the challenges you’re facing as well as be better equipped to face those you’ll encounter in the future!

Think with the most innovative and valuable resources available in our industry in our Brainstorming Interactive Marketplace, and walk away armed and educated with the most valuable information available and ready to put it to work to reach that one extra degree!

Meet with the most elite, talented, and experienced experts and educators in our industry as they come together for the sole purpose helping you reach all new levels of success!

It’s not your typical seminar, conference, or workshop. In fact, we call Brainstorming “the UnConvention” because it’s such a unique event. While our industry offers several annual conventions that address education, networking, technology, and resources; only Brainstorming includes all of these elements and adds the unique opportunity to work face-to-face with your peers and the best-of-the-best in our business to generate thousands of ideas  and solutions worth millions to your company, communities, and career, guaranteed to repay your investment and more. Some of the best ideas in the business were born at one of our 30+ Brainstorming events.

Trends really come alive when you discuss them because that allows you to consider them from many angles, using them as shared input to invent new ideas, services and experiences for your customers. The main reason behind our original, trends-based approach to Brainstorming is that it enables you and your team to use the collective imaginations, points of view, and experiences of others to imagine new possibilities and opportunities that aren’t just fresh, but are also perfectly in line with today’s consumer attitudes and demands … something you can’t do as easily by just reading a book or a whitepaper, or even attending a seminar.

Our Trends-based Brainstorming Sessions are designed to do two important things: transfer our highly-researched insights to a larger group of individuals with the goal of triggering new ideas; and get those individuals on the same page, giving them a common starting point. The latter is crucial, as most projects aimed at kick-starting innovation, new management strategies, future marketing and so on, require a truly shared understanding that’s rarely pursued in a structured way (if at all), or achieved successfully in other environments.

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To generate only the best possible solutions, Brainstorming zeroes in on the significant trends affecting our business in order to capitalize fully on the opportunities they present; and is divided into two components so you’ll work with your peers on solutions appropriate to your level of responsibility, authority, and experience.


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