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September 15-17, 2010
(With Meet & Greet on September 14)
Sheraton, Dallas, Texas

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Regional Managers
Training Directors
Marketing Directors
Directors of Property Mgmt.
Asset Managers
Multi-Site Managers
Property Managers

September 15-17, 2010
(With Meet & Greet onSeptember 14)
Sheraton, Dallas, Texas

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Executive Vice Presidents of Marketing, Management & Human Resources
Senior Vice Presidents of Marketing, Management & Human Resources
Portfolio Asset Managers

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Multifamily Principals
(By Invitation Only)

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It’s not your typical seminar, conference, or workshop. In fact, we call Brainstorming “the UnConvention” because it’s such a unique event. While our industry offers several annual conventions that address education, networking, technology, and resources; only Brainstorming includes all of these elements and adds the unique opportunity to work face-to-face with your peers and the best-of-the-best in our business to generate thousands of ideas worth millions to your company, communities, and career, guaranteed to repay your investment and more. Some of the best ideas in the business were born at one of our 25+ Brainstorming events. This year’s agenda event includes:

  • More than thirty incredible educational opportunities—more than we’ve ever offered at a single event;

  • Seven distinct networking opportunities;

  • Exciting and powerfully informative new tech features to supercharge your social networking skill set;

  • The most innovative product and service providers in our industry all in one room;

  • A fabulous new challenge-solving session with the best-of-the-best challenge-solvers we know;

  • Opportunities to Brainstorm with other industry professionals as well as develop tailored solutions with only your own team;

  • An idea-sharing panel session with some of the most creative people in our business;

  • The famous Dream Team of Brainstorming Facilitators, professionally trained to lead you in creating real-world, ready-to-implement strategies and solutions;

  • And more fresh ideas than you can possibly implement;

All for only $425 per person ($525 after June 7, 2010), add our famous, optional Trends Luncheon for an additional $55; guaranteed!

To generate only the best possible solutions, Brainstorming zeroes in on the significant trends affecting our business in order to capitalize fully on the opportunities they present; and is divided into three components so you’ll work with your peers on solutions appropriate to your level of responsibility, authority, and experience. To determine which component is right for you, begin your exploration here:


What Our Attendees Have To Say

"I absolutely loved Brainstorming and am excited about coming back in 2009!"
Denise G. Scholl-Serrett, SPHR, CCP, Vice President, Human Resources, Dial Equities, Inc.

“After attending the last Brainstorming session, I received enough wonderful ideas that I was able to share 15-18 marketing, leasing and renewal tips each month with my 30 communities for 12 months! This years session was no exception - I'm taking back TONS of great new ideas!”
Patty Allen, Director of Sales & Marketing, AIMCO

“I love the Brainstorming Sessions. It is by far the BEST SEMINAR I go to throughout the year. I negotiated my attendance every year into my employment contract!”
Wenda Gonzalez, Multi-Site Property Manager, Corporate Leasing Trainer
Simms Management

Are These Multifamily Professionals Any Different Than You?

Do they have bottomless budgets and anemic competitors?  No way!  They face exactly the same challenges you do - every single working day.  They struggle to keep the traffic up, the leases closing, the residents renewing, income up and costs down.  They’ve found help and support in our previous Brainstorming Sessions™ and now you can too!  WE GUARANTEE RESULTS!

I’m so confident you’ll agree with the hundreds of others who have benefited from previous Brainstorming Sessions, that I offer you a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE of satisfaction!

Attend the Sessions; learn hundreds of ready-to-implement ideas from other industry executives.  Take these fresh ideas home with you and use them throughout the year.  If your communities’ incomes and property values don’t skyrocket, you’re guaranteed a 100% refund - no questions asked. R.S.V.P. Now! Call (727) 784-9469 or visit our online registration area.

Tami L. Siewruk
Chief Imagination Officer

Here is what Ross Schafer a 6-Time Emmy Award winning Comedian/Writer/and TV Host who presented "Nobody Moved Your Cheese" in Reno 2003 had to say about the event:

Tami, I was so impressed with your group I included you all in my monthly newsletter:

I walked into the ballroom of Reno’s Silver Legacy hotel to present my “Nobody Moved Your Cheese” program to 700 Apartment Professionals – only to discover them all wearing wild pajamas and fluffy slippers. They were howling, laughing, and shaking noisemakers until anyone’s migraine would just give up and slink home.

The theme was, “Dreaming Up Fresh Ideas” and boisterous brainstorming was bubbling over at each round table of (8). The results were amazing. These woman (and 25% men) were freewheeling ideas and revealing their “best practices” at the speed of shout. This pajama game was hilariously brilliant! When people dress in costumes, they aren’t themselves. And, that’s a great trick for releasing creativity. No risk in spouting out something ridiculous...because you already look ridiculous. Then, at the end of the conference, all of the new ideas were documented and shared with the rest of the members. More organizations should stop hoarding innovation and realize that letting people share their ideas makes them feel valuable – excuse me; invaluable.  The organizations who can do that with sincerity will enjoy a triumphant bottom line. If it takes checking an employee’s staid personality at the door for an hour, companies might just risk having...a satisfied workforce.

For my part, they honored me with a standing ovation. Maybe it was because I was genuinely moved that they were not waiting for more marketing money or more staff or more anything to make them successful.  They were deciding to be successful. They understood my urging that, “Relationships will replace customer service. We are going to have to risk liking people again.” This group took it a step further – they proved that networking really means trust and friendship. So, if your clients are looking for something unique, fun, and wildly productive, tell them about the Sales and Marketing Magic meeting. Open minded associations can learn a lot from 700 women in pajamas.

Thanks again,

Ross Shafer Productions
(800) 747-1710 • (949) 837-7767 fax •
21891 Huron Lane • Lake Forest, Calif. 92630
Check out Ross' new book! Speaker Bureau Friendly Web Site Interviewing Ross for Radio or TV?

“Everyone needs fresh ideas to stay alive in this business and Brainstorming is the place to get them!”
Debbie Barlow, Regional Property Manager. Gene B. Glick

“The Brainstorming Sessions are awesome. Why didn’t I come to one sooner!”
Laura Reeves, Property Supervisor, KRB Management

“Every year, every session just gets better and better. You have no choice but to walk away energized!”
Jeff Hass, VP Training, ERC Management Co.
“If you’re not enthused by this Brainstorming Session, you don’t have a pulse. Everyone working in the industry HAS TO ATTEND. It was just incredible. I feel so much more creative than I ever realized I could be!”
Susan Haldeman, Furnished Services Manager, Princeton Properties

“This is my first Brainstorming and it is the best investment my company could have made. I received so much information and valuable ideas to implement. I am so excited. Thank you!”
Sherry Silva, Regional Community Director, Icon Properties, LLC

“The Brainstorming Sessions creates hundreds of ideas rather than just class style. Teaming with others who share your challenges opens new doors with new solutions that can’t be found anywhere else!”
Shannon Brandon, VP of Operations, Cambridge Partners, Inc.
“After I attended Brainstorming in Reno, I left with a renewed confidence and was able to use that to move ahead with my company so I knew I had to be at this one. Thanks!
Karen Strout, Area Director, WCDM Management

“This has been the most fantastic conference I have ever attended. Great ideas. Great networking. I can’t wait for the next one!”
Carol Yates, National Marketing Director, CAPREIT

“I came to Brainstorming completely void of ideas. I’m leaving with 100’s of ideas and a rejuvenated spirit!”
Erica Huber, Regional Trainer, CnC Investments

“We have already called other staff members and told them they must attend in Vegas!”
Kelli Meyers, Director of Marketing, Naples Realty Group, LLC

“Sharing ideas at Brainstorming solved an issue I was dealing with on the first day!”
Monica Garcia, Regional Manager, EPT Management Co.

“I am new to this industry and this has shot me way ahead of the learning curve. I am so excited and can’t wait to get back to work!”
Patti Tomasello, Director of Operations, CAL Realty Group

“A show beyond your imagination. A MUST ATTEND for all industry professionals!”
Nina Kirtley, Marketing Director , American Realty Investors
“What a fun than to share ideas with others in the same industry and feeling that you’ve made a difference. Will be back to learn and share more. Loved it!”
Tammy Huver, Property Manager, Cambridge Partners, Inc.

“Thank you so much! I had a great time and loved it. I am going home with tons of ideas and lots to do!”
Amy VanDerKamp, Regional Marketing Det.,Timberland Partners

“The Brainstorming Sessions will turnaround your perspective. This event is very motivating, inspiring and fun!
Shannon Piedrahita, Property Manager, Trammell Crow Residential

“This seminar was so inspiring I am filled with enthusiasm and brand new ideas. I can’t wait to get back to start implementing my ideas!”
Amy Boyers, Leasing Manager, Trammell Crow Residential

“It is just amazing what you get out of Brainstorming. So many ideas and you actually are able to create new ideas yourself!”
Mary Lazar, Multi-Site Property Manager, Thomson Corporation

“Great event! Motivational. You will go home with a trunk load of ideas you can put into action.”
Angie Knipstein, Marketing Specialist, United Dominion Realty Trust

“The number of ideas generated would be impossible to achieve independently. And the ability to build upon an idea was beyond belief!”
Regional Property Manager National Youth Advocate Program

“Perfect re-charge for your Multifamily battery!”
Eric Slack, Area Manager, Quintus Corp.

“Getting to hear all the ideas and plans was fabulous. I love learning how to do my job better!”
Kristen Byrd, Property Manager, Arbor Properties

“This was my first Brainstorming & prior to arriving I was dragging my feet about coming, but I’ve enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would. I’m leaving re-motivated!”
Brenda Jordan, Leasing Director, Berskshire Property Advisors

“This was my 1st time at Brainstorming and I am bringing back many miracles (ideas) to enhance my community and cutback on concessions!”
Carol Allison, Manager, The Mullins Company

“Everyone needs fresh ideas to stay alive in this business and Brainstorming is the place to get them!”
Debbie Barlow, Regional Property Manager, Gene B. Glick

“I am totally rejuvenated and am leaving with a ton of great ‘do-able’ ideas. I can’t wait for the next Brainstorming. Wow! What energy!”
Kim Robb, Property Manager, Continental Properties

“Not only were there tremendous ideas shared it’s actually an excellent opportunity to see where your company stands in the industry and what tools we can use to excel!”
Nathan Keas, Regional Trainer, Capstone Real Estate

“I am so excited to have so many refreshing new ideas that I can put to use right away. It kick-started my brain and took me it to a new level!”
Karen Markwat, Marketing Director, Cambridge Partners, Inc.

“Lots of motivation, lots of fun, just lots of learning new and even improved ideas … Imagine That!”
Susan Davis, Regional Property Manager, Drucker and Falk, LLC

“The most fun at work that I have ever had!”
Tonya Solomon, Marketing Manager, Drucker and Falk, LLC

“I love this conference. I always walk away with tons of ideas that I can implement right away. Love it, Love it, Love it!” Tandi Tucker Toni, Regional Marketing Director, Berkshire Property Advisors

“This event gave me a completely new spin on this industry. I now see numerous career paths before me!”
Michelle Burns, Marketing Director, AMLI

“If you’re not enthused by this Brainstorming, you don’t have a pulse. Everyone working in the industry HAS TO ATTEND. It was just incredible. I feel so much more creative than I ever realized I could be!”
Susan Haldeman, Furnished Services Manager, Princeton Properties

“Brainstorming is a great time, you’ll meet wonderful people and get some great ideas to implement at your communities!”
Wendi Westfall, Property Manager, Professional Equities

“Brainstorming is everyone working together at a table. The table came up with a good marketing campaign to increase traffic on my property. I’m sure it is going to be a success!”
Vicky Williams, Manager, Mullens Company

“This Brainstorming Session was a great way to see others ideas and make so many contacts within our industry. This is a wonderful experience for anyone who is looking to learn!”
Mark Johnston, Director of Marketing, CRES Management

“The Brainstorming Sessions creates hundreds of ideas rather than just class style. Teaming with others who share your challenges opens new doors with new solutions that can’t be found anywhere else!”
Shannon Brandon, VP of Operations, Cambridge Partners, Inc.

“I have never felt so motivated to do my job better!”
Christy Hein, Property Manager, WCDM Management, LLC

“I’ve gained self improvement. I’m so excited about going back and facing challenges rather than avoiding them!” Tennille Henderson, Property Manager, Springs At Orange Park

“Sooo much information, I’ll need my staff to help me remember everything when I get back!”
Nicole Brogan, Director of Property Management, Gunstra Builders

“These few days have been extremely great in allowing me to pick the brains of many industry professionals from throughout the country!”
Telisha Ryans, Project Coordinator, Epoch Management, Inc.

“This was my 2nd time at Brainstorming and I love being able to find out the new and upcoming ideas in the industry!” Staci Leibell, National Marketing Specialist, CAPREIT

“Brainstorming is a great idea and networking event. It provides a comfortable learning environment!”
Cecille Santos, Sales and Marketing Manager, KSI Management

“What wonderful ideas I got. I will be able to go home and implement many of them!”
Brook Birdsey, Regional Trainer, Capstone Real Estate Services

“Knowledge - New Ideas – Fun – Great Facilitators – Great Speakers. You should make it your goal to attend Brainstorming!”
Diana “Dee” Viall, Leasing Consultant, Benchmark

“Brainstorming really energizes you. We all get in our ‘routines’ and this really wakes your up and helps get you back to your ‘roots’!”
Tammy Huntley-Schuering, Sr. Property Manager, Trammell Crow Residential

“It’s amazing to see how the ideas build and develop!”
Jim Keene, General Manager, Gunstra Builders

“Brainstorming is very motivating, informative and a lot of fun. You walk away with so many ideas. It’s Great!!!!!!” Shawn Olmsted, Regional Manager, Naples Realty Group, LLC

“It’s a great way to network and share ideas with others from our industry. Brainstorming gives me energy and great ideas to take back to my communities and make improvements!”
Kim Wilcox, Marketing Director, McKinley

“Brainstorming provides great ideas, great information, motivation and exposure to new industry products!”
Lynn Edmondson, Director of TEAM Services, Banyan Realty Management

“Brainstorming is an incredible opportunity to come together and learn fresh, new and innovative ideas for our industry!” Julia VanderRoest, Chief Marketing Specialist, Fogelman Management Group

“Being brand new to our marketing department, I would encourage all new industry professionals to come and get an in-depth crash course of our industry and marketing!”
Andrew Geppelt, Creative Specialist, ERC Properties, Inc.

“I have learned new ideas which I can’t wait to get back to my community to use. I was so excited about them that I went back to my room at night and planned out how to implement them!”
Erica Chamberlin, Sr. Leasing Consultant, Princeton Properties

“If you need encouragement and inspirations-Brainstorming is the event for you!”
Josette Galtieri, Leasing Coordinator, Camden Development

“After attending this event seven times, I still came away with hundreds of ideas!”
Jared Miller, Director of Marketing, Lane Company

“Powerful ideas! Powerful processes! A great blender full of ideas and interactive opportunities!”
Dennis Smillie, President, Multifamily Solutions, Inc.

“Tami, thank you for a shot in the arm, a push from above and the inspiration to go into my office on Monday and make CHANGE happen fast. This event gets better every year!”
Amy Alred, National Training Director, CLASS

“I come to Brainstorming because it energizes me for the whole year. It’s refreshing to be around the nations industry leaders to share insights!”
Terry Jackson, Regional Marketing & Training Specialist, BH Management

“This was the most empowering and exciting seminars of my life. You have a lifetime attender!!!”
Wendy Gonzalez, Corporate Leasing Trainer/Multi-Site Manager, Simms Management

“The wealth of ideas and information is invaluable. You can’t afford to miss this event!”
Melissa Fuller, Creative Associate, McKinley

“A professional is always learning and brainstorming packs the most information into a concise, energized and fast-paced format in the most effective way. The experience is spiritual. What you give to Brainstorming and what you get in return is invaluable. The best industry event of the year!”
Stephanie Puryear Helling, Vice President of Education & Marketing, Greystar

“The most creative meeting anyone could ever attend. I am so glad I came!”
Chauncey Eaton, Marketing Manager, Drucker & Falk, LLC

“So well organized, I came to the event alone and had the wonderful opportunity to make great new friends and contacts in the industry. I am walking away energized with creative and innovative ideas that I just can’t wait to implement!” Laurie Kitzmiller, General Manager, Amerimar Enterprises

“WOW! A must for all property management professionals!”
Robin Muccitelli, Regional Manager, Cornerstone Realty

“Do you want to be motivated?...Then go to Brainstorming!!”
Amanada Martinez, Regional Trainer, Capstone Real Estate

“Brainstorming was an unbelievable experience. It was totally different than any event I haven to before. The high energy fast-pace and receptiveness of everyone was great. I am leaving with my brain spinning and ideas flowing!”
Lori Kitchen, Property Manager, Beacon Companies

“This was my second year and it is like nothing you have ever experienced before. I am still using the plethora of ideas from last year and can’t wait to implement all the new ideas from this year. What a great way to get new ideas, new contacts and make new friends to stay in touch and network with from all across the country. See you next year!” Heather Lettow, Regional Marketing Specialist, Windsor Communities

“It’s amazing! You’re not alone in the boat. Rowing smarter, harder and faster gives you the competitive edge. Being at Brainstorming fills your boat with the best oars in the water!”
Debbie Sulzer, Director of Training & Marketing, CnC Investments

“What a truly fantastic way to rejuvenate and re-energize your love for your job and the multifamily housing industry!” Kristi Fickert, Regional Leasing & Marketing Director, Village Green Companies

"I was a first time Brainstormer this year. This was overwhelmingly the best experience I have had in my 11 years in this industry. I will NEVER miss another one."
Wendy Stark, Arbor Properties

“Different – Awesome!”
Cyndi Brush, Owner, Brush & Company

“The amount of ideas and knowledge you take home is worth millions!”
Mary Elizabeth Thompson, Property Manager, Greystone Properties, LLC

“Get ready for energy, great ideas and fun. This was my 1st year and will not be my last. The Brainstorming Sessions are a great tool for anyone in the business!”
Summer LaPann, Marketing Director, United Residential Properties

“I used a problem site that my wheels were turning on during the problem solving sessions, with the brilliant others at my table we generated several solutions that I can use when I get back!”
Anthony Kranz, Regional Marketing Director, Village Green Companies

“This was my 1st time attending Brainstorming. I really didn’t know what to expect. When I got there on the first day, I walked into something that was totally unexpected. People were pumped up and you didn’t have a choice but to go right along with it. The facilitators did a wonderful job keeping you on track and interested. You stayed busy and didn’t even realize it. I had a blast!”
Jan Valduga, Senior Site Manager, Wingate Management Co.

“Synergy: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Even the most creative mind is limited by its own perceptions and experiences. When these minds come together in this well-designed Brainstorming environment, magic happens. Amazing ideas get elevated to extraordinary possibilities. For all my clients who say ‘there are no new ideas’, I say you’ve never been to Multifamilypro Brainstorming!”
Leah Brewer, Leasing Queen, Full House Marketing

“The Brainstorming Sessions are motivational, inspirational and inspiring. I am ready to get back to work!”
Cindi Dryden, District Manager,Wells Asset Management

“This year was truly an eye opening experience. I am ready to go back on Monday and make changes to make our company better. Thank you!”
Kimberly Faulkner, Training & Marketing Manager, Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc.

“At Brainstorming you’ll expand on your area of expertise as well as broaden your knowledge on the newest industry trends and changes. There are plenty of great ideas you can take back and implement “Right Away”. I CAN’T WAIT!” Seline Lewis, Regional Marketing & Education Manager, Drucker & Falk, LLC

“There are two types of people…leaders and followers. Brainstormers are Leaders!”
Jeffery Lowry, VP Multifamily Housing, McDougal Properties, LTD.

“You will get more ideas than you can ever imagine!”
Danielle Drollette, Assistant Manager, Aronov Realty

“The Brainstorming Sessions are very upbeat. You will come away with a lot of ideas. Everyone is upbeat and inspired. You’ll have fun and learn at the same time!”
Michele Williams, Manager, Aronov Realty

“Great sharing of ideas and networking with others!”
Gloria Mallardi, Director of Marketing, Housing Trust Group

“My favorite part of the Brainstorming Sessions was bringing all the ideas and interests together, building relationships and making new friends!”
Maureen Lannon, National Sales & Marketing Director, Allen & O’Hara Education Services, Inc.

“I’m in the same job, but Brainstorming has given me a new outlook on it!”
Doyle Gorman, Site Manager, Lenox Pointe

“It’s a great place to meet and expand on ideas!”
Kim Belanger, Leasing Consultant, Princeton Properties

“Brainstorming is the most fun at work you will ever have!!”
Tonya Solomon, Marketing Manager, Drucker & Falk, LLC

“No man or woman is an island. A person can always benefit from the knowledge and information sharing of others. You will find this at Brainstorming!”
Jen Jared, Accounts Coordinator/Trainer, Ellipse Communications

“This conference was a great way to all come together and share ideas and stories that can help increase your company’s success!”
Julie VanderRoest, Chief Marketing Specialist, Fogelman Management Group

“The Brainstorming Sessions give you the opportunity to bring up your current challenges and get fresh ideas to solve them!”
Tasha Krawiec, District Manager, Cornerstone Realty

“Fabulous ideas, tons of fun and great networking is what you’ll get at Brainstorming!”
Tara Myers, District Marketing Specialist, Fogelman Management Group

“Ideas! Ideas! Ideas! From all over the map, from different people, from different property types!
Wilnette Wiley, Director of Training, Palms Associates

“Great experience, great ideas and great people!”
Andrea Shugart, Property Manager, Arbor View

“It will motivate you to be creative and to think outside the box. You’ll walk away with so many great ideas!”
Danielle Williams, Regional Marketing Director, Home Properties

“Brainstorming is a great way to “mix it up” with your peers and to share your challenges and accomplishments with those who understand. It reminds you that you are not alone in your daily grind. I always go home feeling energized!” Jessica Darnall, VP of Marketing, McKinley

“Idea heaven! Create new and innovative ideas. There was also so many people willing to share ideas from other markets that they used and worked. Great speakers!”
Shana Hitt, Property Manager, Trammell Crow Residential

“Come with an open mind and your creative juices will just start flowing. Participation is key – the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it!”
Cynthia Bosnian, Regional Marketing Manager, Oakwood Worldwide

“Brainstorming brings you together with hundreds of people who understand what you go through on a day to day basis and helps you to look at things in a new way. It will also inspire you!”
Julie Sutherland, Property Manager, Winn Residential

“The Brainstorming Sessions re-ignite the creativity from within and gives you a fresh perspective on what the current trends are that need to be utilized today to attract and retain residents!”
Christine Tyszka, Property Manager, Winn Residential

“My favorite part of the Brainstorming Sessions…All of it! I have learned so much!”
Kristen Kurth, Regional Property Supervisor, Greystar Real Estate Partners

“Brainstorming is a great place to be. It’s an environment that is filled with happy, fun and brilliant people from all over the United States!”
Adriana Iannuzzi, Marketing Manager, Winn Residential

"Brainstorming East was an Exceptional Energizing Experience! The 15 attendees from our company are Motivated!"
Sue Lange, Director of Property Training, Flournoy Properties

"Several employees attended from my company and were very energized and excited about all the ideas that they can apply when they get back!"
Barrie Nichols, Vice President Sales & Leasing, College Park Communities

"As a supplier, this year was so incredible for me. The trade show traffic was huge and I made so many contacts generating over the top business opportunities!"
Catherine Garcia-Lage, Regional Account Manager, The U.D. Registry

"Each year the event exceeds my expectations as it is action packed, exhilarating and sets my team soaring for success after we leave!"
Christina Steeg, Senior VP, Marketing & Training, Simpson Property Group

"I have been developing, acquiring and operating multifamily properties for ten years - in that time I have attended all the major multifamily related conferences. This is hands down the most valuable in terms of providing actual ideas that can be implemented to improve operating performance!"
Dana Behar, Vice President, HAL Real Estate Investments

Brainstorming is pure energy in a 3 day capsule. If you need a motivational or educational boost there is no better cost effective way than Brainstorming. Make it a company event every year. The return on investment is worth it!!!"
Melanie Russell, Regional Marketing & Education Manager, Drucker and Falk, LLC

"Brainstorming Camp exceeded my wildest expectations. Though I am not a big fan of high-energy type conferences and when I walked in on Wednesday morning I was not sure how I was going to like the next three days. Within 30 minutes, I was loving it and had a fantastic time throughout the week!"
Lloyd Cobble, District Manager, Eagle Realty Group

"Plane ticket to Reno, $800. - Hotel $400. - information gained to take back and implement - PRICELESS!"
Rose DiPietro, Director of Marketing, Richland Communities, Ltd.

"You gain so much from attending this seminar. If you attend only one seminar - it should be this one. You go home with so much motivation, camaraderie and ideas - There's nothing else like it!"
Tammy Bondurant, Marketing Director, Camden

"If I could choose one seminar a year to attend, this would be the one. Nowhere else can you gather people from this industry, from all over the nation, for three days of unprecedented brainstorming, education, knowledge, experiences and best of all - energy. Here is a place where people want to help people and bend over backwards to do it!"
Alice Eason, Director of Marketing & Sales, Trinity Property Consultants

"…And I thought I couldn't afford the time this year. I came with some specific items I needed to network and some vendors I needed to see. I accomplished that and MORE - a super-charged energy boost, reminders of things so easy to overlook that make a BIG difference and methods to stay ahead in though times!"
Chad Brown, Vice President, Florsheim Properties

"The energy and ideas helped me to remember my passion about my job and this industry!"
Jennifer Jones, Regional Manager, Continental Communities

"If you didn't already have enthusiasm for your job before - you have it now for life!"
Amy Abdallah, District Trainer, Trammell Crow Residential

"These few days have been so energizing. It's a unique seminar. Everyone's ideas are being expressed with lots of creative thoughts!"
Eileen Randall, Executive Vice President, Vann Realty Co.

"It's 365 days of work rolled into 4 days of fabulous information you can't get anywhere else in the country!"
Bobbie Smith Dougherty, 
VP, Director of Marketing & Management. The J.C. Hart Company, Inc.

"It's a great way to rejuvenate your marketing juices, cool ideas for employee motivation and above all you go home with TONS of NEW IDEAS!"
Theresa Ebner, Director of Marketing, AIMCO

"Best conference for learning in the industry!"
Debbi Blankenship, Regional Manager, Flournoy Properties

"At a trainer brand new to the apartment industry, Brainstorming provided me with a wealth of knowledge about the industry, fun/innovative ideas and great contacts with numerous people from around the U.S.!"
Ann Smith, Regional Director of Education, ConAm Management Corp.

"No other conference I've ever attended has had so many industry experts under the same roof. This meeting will pump you up like nothing else!!"
Janet Chiarella, Director of Marketing, Towne Properties

"As a "New" to the industry marketing Director this is one OUTSTANDING way to get "up to speed" on what its' all about. It's also an awesome way to network!"
Karen Mordue, Regional Marketing Director, ConAm Management Corp.

"This is my 4th Brainstorming. It amazes me that year after year there are so many new ideas that I take away with me!"
Kris Perkins, Customer Relations Manager, Western National Group

"Attending Brainstorming was a life changing experience. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of ideas, suggestions and above all a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!!"
Kristin Krahmer, Solution Manager, Keystone Resources

"You will go back to your property re-energized!"
Monica Johnson, Outreach Marketing Rep., Altman Management Companies

"What a seminar SHOULD BE! You walk away with ideas and the substance to implement almost immediately - it's not just fluff & speeches!"
Vicki Trujillo, Vice President & Tom Lemons, President, C. Moore, Inc.

"Good Ideas, Good Networking, Good Fun! It works - it's ha horse that breathes and runs!"
Pamela Muller, Vice President Marketing, Sterling Equities

"This event has come a long way. I'll be here next year with 5 more associates. I walk away energized with more ideas than I can implement in a year!"
Elaine Gardner, District Manager, Eagle Realty Group

"Brainstorming is awesome! I walk away pumped up with so many ideas! I can't wait to get home to put them into action!"
Tandi Tucker Toni, Regional Marketing Director, Berkshire Realty Holdings

"Brainstorming invigorates, enlightens and educates better than any program/seminar I've ever attended!"
Sondrah Laden, Regional Manager,First Group Management

"Brainstorming is an energizing event offered 'just in time'!"
Michele Friedman, Regional Manager, Triangle Real Estate Services

"It's so hard to believe that an event this large can be this seamless and well organized. Each year just gets better and more valuable!"
Penny Porsch, President, Posrch Partners

"Brainstorming is beneficial and helpful to all levels of our industry!"
Kathy Dahl, Regional Property Manager, FPI Management

"Each year the event exceeds my expectations as it is action packed, exhilarating and sets my team an I soaring for success after we leave!"
Christine Steeg, Senior VP, Marketing & Training, Simpson Property Group

"Blending just the right mix of education, inspiration and practical solutions development - Brainstorming is the ultimate experience for the savvy multi-housing industry professional!"
Deb Bronson, Professional Speaker & Performance Consultant, Deb Bronson & Associates

"I came away with tons of great new ideas and made several new friends. I can't wait until next year!"
Tracy Dean, Director of Market Development, RealPage, Inc.

"I know every year that this event is going to be cutting edge. This is the event to attend to learn the latest in our industry!"
Terri Nicholson, Vice President, Buyers Access

"Every Asset Manager needs to get out of the office and experience the benefits of being exposed to fresh marketing ideas. It is a knowledge base in which to build important skill sets to solve very challenging marketing problems!"
Brad Marting, Second Vice President, Delaware Investments

"This is the conference for practical, innovative implementable strategies for today's property management professional. Don't ever miss it!"
Cynthiann King, Chief Learning Officer, C. King Education Services

"Several employees attended from my company and were very energized and excited about all the ideas that they can apply when they get back!"
Barrie Nichols, Vice President Sales & Leasing, College Park Communities

"Simply the most rewarding conference for sales, marketing and training professionals offered in our industry!"
Joleen Brannigan, Vice President, Grace Hill

"There's simply no better place to network, problem solve and educate yourself. I am ready to take our company's vision and mission to the next level!"
Michele Tate, Asset Marketing Leader, Preferred Real Estate, Inc.

"Brainstorming is awesome. I always walk away with great new, fresh ideas to implement to increase occupancy in my portfolio!"
Lisa McLeod, Marketing Director, Berkshire Realty

"Brainstorming C.A.M.P. was so much more than I ever imagined. The vast resources and pools of knowledge cannot be compared to any publication or seminar you may have had exposure to. You'll never find the amount of great and innovative ideas & problem solving anywhere else and it's fun!!"
Jennifer Witzel, Leasing Consultant, Princeton Properties

"The most incredible event in this industry. If you haven't been you are missing an experience that will greatly enrich your career!'
Jared Miller, Marketing Director, Lane Company

"This is the most valuable industry event I have ever attended…the wealth of knowledge and ideas is just amazing. The ideas can be immediately implemented and results appear before your very eyes!!"
Pam Newsom, Training Coordinator, BNP Residential Properties, Inc.

"No where else can you find such industry related discussions or specific solutions to your industry issues!"
Beth Finley, Regional Marketing Director, Berkshire Realty Holdings

"A lot of very brilliant people sharing their best ideas!"
Melanie Graham, Executive Vice President, Pillar Communities

"The ideas are endless - there IS a solution to all your problems!"
Carol Flicker, Manager, Equity Concept, Inc.

"I've never been so excited about my property in my life. This was my first time and now I'm HOOKED!!!"
Dacra Raper, Manager, Equity Concept, Inc.

"You'll meet a bunch of great new people, learn like you've never learned before…have a blast while you learn. Highly recommended, well worth the time!"
Chris Murray, Manager, The Whiffletree Apartments

"The energy and enthusiasm gets you involved and ready to participate. It doesn't matter how little you know - you can always come up with ideas and piggyback on someone else's concepts!"
Danielle Winchell, Equity Concept, Inc.

"In many cases you will be lucky to come away from seminars with one new and unique idea - at the Brainstorming Sessions you'll come away with so many ideas it will be hard to count. The amount of new and innovative information is truly overwhelming - but incredible!"
Ann Boomsma, Sr. District Manager, MEB Management

"Very creative and motivational. Excellent speakers!"
Carolyn DeVeau, Regional Portfolio Manager, Bozzuto Management Company

"Brainstorming gets you out of the box, shakes off the cobwebs and gets you juiced up again. Your brain will thank you!"
Daniel Patrick, Portfolio Property Manager, Buckingham Property Mgmt.

"The synergy of hundreds of other marketing minded professionals is GREAT. The wealth of knowledge is incredible!"
Chris Coy, Director of Marketing, Gene B. Glick

"My brain feels nice and plump when I leave!"
Brandi Barber, VP of Product Content, Apartment Marketing Coach

"A totally awesome and invigorating experience!"
Cherie Buschel, Regional Property Manager, DePaul Management Co.

"This was the greatest experience - EVER!"
Christine Haraschak, Regional Property Manager, DePaul Management Co.

"You WILL walk away from the Brainstorming Sessions with MORE NEW IDEAS than you can imagine!"

"You learn hundreds of ideas and meet other apartment professionals from across the country. Most of all - it makes work fun!"
Crystal Robinson, Regional Leasing Coordinator, ERC Properties

"You may come with the blah's…but you'll leave with the yah's!!"
Joyce Stowers, Property Supervisor, DMC Management

"Brainstorming is a time to let down your guard and openly share issues that you and your company need assistance on!"
Angie Herrera-Sanchez, Vice President - Marketing, Gannon Management

"My brain hurts…In the BEST possible way!"
Shannon Burke, Director of Marketing,  Griffis/Blessing, Inc.

"As always, this event sets the standard in our industry for ideas, networking and spirit of camaraderie. If you can attend only one event each year, this IS the one!"
Kathy Banker, Midwest Regional Director, HPC Publications

"It's a free flowing discussion of new & old ideas in a non-judgmental setting - wonderful!"
Bobbye Clendennen, Leasing Specialist, Trammell Crow Residential Services

"Fantastic - I didn't know you could get so many great new ideas in such a short period of time!"
Diana Lucas, Co-Owner, Train & Retain, Inc.

"The sharing of ideas helps all of us continue to grow. Never Stop Learning!"
District Manager, Richland Communities, LTD

"You should attend Brainstorming so you don't get left behind…!"
Elizabeth Bachmann, Regional Marketing Director, ConAm Management Corp.

"This is by far the best show we attend each year. Everyone is so enthusiastic and everyone goes home with the best information they can get anywhere. Everyone in property management should attend!"
Marie Madden, Partner, Madden-Sadovsky Marketing & Design

"An open non-threatening forum to share ideas and meet new people in property management!"
Cathy Cebula, Marketing Analyst, Concord Management

"A melting pot of proven ideas, best of the business networking and new ideas!"
Dea Ann Richard, National Marketing Director, Eve Hardin International

"We get lost in the day to day problems and forget that great solutions come from generating ideas - the Brainstorming Sessions help you to remember that!"
Laynie Miller, Director, USB Realty Investors LLC

"You have to be here to experience it for yourself!"
David Carchidi, Owner, APT Personnel

"I felt energized and motivated the entire seminar. I cannot wait to go back and start putting the wonderful information into place and to innovate my staff to brainstorm with some of the "ice breaker" techniques I learned!"
Shanin Burke, Director of Marketing, Griffis/Blessing, Inc.

"A simply fantastic experience where professional growth is unavoidable!"
Marlee Murdock, Director of Marketing & Training, Legacy Partners

"It's energizing to be submerged in such great ideas for 3 days!"
Sarah Greenough, Director of Corporate Sales & Media, Princeton Property Management Inc.

"The most invigorating and innovative event I have ever attended!"
Jared Miller, Marketing & Development Specialist, Lane Company

"What a kick - Great pick me up - Great Information and ideas to motivate staff and self - A must to attend!"
Lenaya Snell, Regional Property Manager, DKD Property Management Co.

"You are never ‘too old’ or have been in the business ‘too long’ to not have learned something new at Brainstorming!!!"
Vickie Gaskill, Corporate Manager, Bell-Anderson & Associates

"Amazing - Energy! Amazing - Education! Amazing - Fun! THE BEST EVENT IN THE INDUSTRY!"
Jim Alberti, Senior Director of Property Management, Southern California Housing Development Corporation

"My first time here - I'm hooked - See you next year!"
Deanna Winchester, Regional Property Supervisor, The Hanover Company

"This was great! I loved everything about it. The Brainstorming Sessions are the best!"
Amy Aguiar, Corporate Trainer, Cornerstone Realty

"After attending Brainstorming I feel like I am a stronger asset to my company!"
Brian Lemire, Property Manager, Tarragon Management

"Great new ideas! Great new friends! Great Motivation! Great job SMM!”
Bobbie Putnam, Property Manager, Lozier Corporation

"You can't help but leave excited, energized and full of new ideas. If you don't come you'll never fully realize your potential!
Stacy Brown
, Senior Property Manager, Eugene Burger Management Corporation

"A huge shot of brain adreneline when you need it the most. Knowledge, networking at a level of professionalism
that is unsurpassed!"
Lisa Klinglesmith, Director of Marketing & Training, ConAm Management Company

"I would recommend the Brainstorming conference to anyone who wants to experience the most innovative learning experience offered in our industry!"
Doreen Harris, Regional Marketing & Training Manager, Tarragon Management

"The motivational speakers, facilitators and educational sessions we're AWESOME!!! - 5 stars«««««"
Kimberly Sherrill, VP Marketing, CAPREIT

"Attend the Brainstorming Sessions and you'll become a star!"
Deborah Kast, Marketing & Training Director, Gannon Management of Missouri

"Brainstorming should not be optional for new people in the industry, the information learned makes you a pro at
whatever position you're in!"
Ronnie Marshall, Marketing & Leasing Trainer, Tarragon Realty

"I've attended the Brainstorming Sessions for 3 years straight. If you need ideas on how to generate traffic or market your community - It's a MUST BE AT PROGRAM!"
Joyce Rinck, Marketing Director, Berkshire Realty Holdings Inc.

"This was great! It was my first time here. I have been in my position for 17 years and needed new, fresh ideas to inject new life and fresh air into my communities and company - I got lots of them!"
Phil Ruth, Regional Property Manager, DKD Property Management Co.

"Every year just gets better and better. The energy, fun and learning just can't be beat. I have been recharged and ready to take tons of ideas back and put them to work!"
Tammy Connery, Property Supervisor, Fiduciary Real Estate Development

"The most energy packed 3 days in the year for our industry!"
Bobbie Smith-Dougherty, VP, Dir. of Marketing & Management, The J.C. Hart Company Inc.

"I can't believe I got even more incredible information this year than last!"
Suzanne Dennis, National Marketing Outreach Specialist, Gene B. Glick

"The Brainstorming Sessions were great and very informative. It provided a fantastic way to meet others
in my field and gain new ideas!"
Staci Durham, National Marketing Specialist, CAPREIT

"As a management company owner, I brought 2 employees - next year I will bring a manager from each of our communities!"
Vicki Clark, Owner, Western Senior Housing

"Ideas, knowledge, networking, and a spark to light the brain's creative ignition switch. This is the catalyst for next year's success!"
Mary Gwyn, Chief Innovatior, Apartment Dynamics, LLC

"The excitement in the Brainstorming sessions was contagious. Being a shy person I was scared to death the first day for a few hours but after that I couldn't wait for the next session to begin. It was exceptional!"
Rochelle Rose, Portfolio Assistant, Lend Lease Apartment Management

"Brainstorming proves that the apartment industry actually cares enough to share information, network and educate us all. It's rare and amazing to learn so much professionally and personally!"
Natasha Platon, Marketing Coordinator, Prometheus

"Brainstorming meant so much to me this year with our country defending our freedom. This was a very emotional conference with lots of hearts on the table. I needed to be with these people. I'm going home with love in my heart and a ton of motivation."
Gregory-Ann Goldrick, Marketing Director, Archon Residential

"This is the greatest convention of the entire year that continues to give back even after you return home!  I will attend every year no matter what it takes!"
Sherrie Hubler,
McElroy Management

This event is life changing.  I cant’ wait to be a part of this again… year after year!  WOW!
Lynn Harvey,
AMS Management, LLC

The synergy of creative people challenging each other to stretch the limits of their personal strengths while building on each other’s ideas is phenomenal!
Mary Symmes Carty,
Apartment Dynamics

I cannot wait to inject my renewed motivation and collected ideas into my organization.  Thank you SMM – see you next year!
Michele McWilliams,
Windsor Communities

This year a single idea in the Idea Exchange will more than pay the cost of the entire trip.  I can’t afford not to come again!
Chad Brown,
Florsheim Properties

As an executive and first time attendee, I was excited to see that competitors will take the time to help one another and share ideas.  This is a first class industry!
Rob Pyrock,
Summit Properties

I’m speechless!  What a learning experience, combined with a tremendous amount of fun!  I’ll see you next year!
Lorrie Lamberson,
Ventana Property Services

What a great experience.  Everyone should attend this… you won’t regret it!
Deborah Langdon,
Camden Property Trust

I had no idea that my expectations would be met triple fold.  Best time at a convention I have spent in my professional career of 18 years.
Deborah Vemer,
Gates, Hudson & Associates, Inc.

This year was the best!  I’m taking home energy, great ideas and new friendships.  I’ll definitely be back – and I’ll bring more people from my company.
Patricia G. Allen,

A great way to get motivated and learn at the same time.  IT is an incredible value.
Rhonda Elgin,
Southern Management

I had no idea what to expect.  I signed myself up because I felt desperate for motivation and inspiration – I not only filled my bucket back up with both, but am taking home a second bucket of fabulous tools and can’t wait to get back and implement them.  Thanks so much!
Mary Winey,
Excel Management

This event is incredible – I am so energized – I can’t wait ‘til next year!  The cost is so minimal compared to the knowledge I’m leaving with.
Gregory-Ann Goldrick,

Brainstorming is awesome… I’m going home with tons of ideas!  See you in 2001!
Tandi Tucker Toni,
Berkshire Realty Holdings, LP

An experience I’ll never forget and can’t wait to repeat in 2001.
Vicki Hurley,
Harbor Group Management Company

I got more out of this program than any convention I have ever attended.
Lee Sanders,
The Lipton Group

I will come back even if it is out of my own pocket.  I now have a new way to help process ideas and not just professionally, but personally as well.
Debra Johnston,
Laurelwood Ltd.

I absolutely loved it – would love to bring the whole company!
Tammy Elam,
Buckingham Company

Bring your problems and challenges.  Brainstorming will send you home with the solutions!
Wendy Muse,
Tarragon Management, Inc.

If you can only attend one conference a year, make it Brainstorming!  The ideas, training, learning and support you’ll receive from networking perpetuates all year long!
Amber Lovelace-Hurst,
Amli Residential

Complete removal of burnout!  Invigorating, motivating, uplifting – I will be back yearly!
Connie Castello,
Centra Asset Partners

This was the best conference I have ever attended!  I have at least six new ideas to implement immediately that will increase occupancy.  Thank you!
Suzanne Dennis,
Gene B. Glick

You will never find a more energizing, informative experience!
Melissa Gerard,
BRE Properties, Inc.

When you believe you’ve heard it all, you need Brainstorming.
Rita Ahrens,
Dominium Management Services

Mary Dennis,
Douglas Allred Company

The tools, ideas and relationships built are the most valuable resources I have received in my ten-year industry career!
Tamara Bondurant,

Hundreds of years of experience all in one room!  Wow!
Cathy Otterbine,
Otterbine Training, Inc.

The best thing a company can send an employee to for training and motivation.
Tina Brinley,
Woodside Management

This is my fourth conference, and after missing the last two years, I won’t miss another!  What a blast of enthusiastic ideas and networking opportunities!
Daniel Patrick,
Buckingham Property Management

Who knew that one room could house so many fabulous ideas?  How can you justify not coming here?
Julie Millar,

It was so much more than I expected!  The whole room seemed to be plugged in!
Gina Berger,

I am truly inspired!  It was great!
Carol A. Moore,
Princeton Properties

I cannot believe I’ve been in this business for eighteen years and have not attended before.  It is enlightening, invigorating, and I can’t wait to use the incredible ideas I have learned!
Shelly Brooks,
Cornerstone Realty Income Trust

This was the most energetic, positive, fun-filled and idea packed conference ever!  I would suggest this for everyone.
Melissa West, Mid-America Apartment Communities

Too good to ever miss!
Jim Aliberti,
Southern California Housing Development Corp.

These sessions renew spirit and generate ideas.
Dorothy Warp,
United Dominion Realty Trust

The most awesome event for the multihousing industry!
Melanie Russell,
Drucker & Falk

"The greatest conference ever!"
Susie Powers,
Southern California Housing Development Corp.

"I am so excited about all the information and knowledge I have received and will incorporate at my properties.  Thank you!"
Gloria Velto,
Southern California Housing Development Corp.

"Brainstorming was a wonderful experience -- something that everyone should get to attend."
Maggie McPhee,
Signature Management

"Thank you for such an incredible experience.  The ideas, the contacts and the sheer excitement will motivate me for many months to come -- see you next year!"
Enrique Grove,

"A refreshing relief from the typical classroom lectures of most educational conferences." 
Derrell Ralston,
Grupe Management Company

"Brainstorming was energizing, informative on marketing trends and provided great networking sources for ideas.  The contact with other trainers and marketers was invaluable!  Had a great time!"
Gwen Hill,

"You are amazing!  Year after year you find a way to improve perfection!  This is a must to attend for our industry!  Nothing is impossible with Brainstormers!"
Tammy Connery,
Fiduciary Real Estate Development, Inc.

"This event wasn't only motivating and energizing, but I left with real ideas and solutions to the larger issues our team has been facing.  Implementation is the next step!"
Michele McWilliams,
BRE Properties, Inc.

"This is the first Brainstorming Sessions I've attended, and will definitely not be the last -- even if I have to pay my own way!" 
Jessie Currey,
le Triomphe Property Group

"No matter what it takes - get here!  It will change your perceptions, attitude, and life!" 
Teri Hoerntlein,
Southern California Housing Development Corp.

"A place where 685 minds are better than one." 
Brandalyn Hay,

"As a first time attendee, I have been thrilled with the amount of information I am going home with.  I can't wait to put these new ideas into action!  Thank you!" 
Becca Isbell,
Merryland Properties, Inc.

"I have never been to a more high-energy, motivational seminar.  I've learned a lifetime of information." 
Kristin Perkins,
Western National Property Management

"Awesome experience where other creative minds supplied me with innovative ideas to make my company more successful.  See you next year!"
Amy Scoggins,
Alexander Properties Group

"I am new to the industry and in training for the position of Marketing Director.  This has inspired me and I cannot wait to get back to work.  Thank you Cathcart for allowing me to attend, and thank you Tami for making this all possible.  I do not have enough words to express my enthusiasm!"
Amy Boyers,
Cathcart Management, LLC

"The people who put Sales and Marketing Magic's Brainstorming Sessions together dream BIG dreams and show others how to do the same.  If you do not want to be a SUPERSTAR in your field, you should not come to this event, because it's going to turn you into one!"
Esther Bonardi-Basden,
Grubb Management

"The Brainstorming Sessions are simply the Best!  I am bringing more people next year -- for sure!" 
Sharon Ruttenbur,
The William Lyon Property Management Co.

"You have developed an incredible format for idea sharing by eliminating the barriers between companies -- no one was afraid to share and encourage!  Thank you!" 
Kathleen O'Byrne,
Trammell Crow Residential

"This year's event was my first, and definitely not my last.  Only two people attended from my company this year, but next year we'll bring more than a handful... top leasing performers, too.  You are really missing mega information, creative minds, and high energy if you don't attend this excellent annual event!"
Kim King,
LumaCorp, Inc.

"As a training director, it's the best way to network and to see how other companies handle various challenges pertaining to training, marketing, and management.  If you can only attend one conference a year -- it should be this one!" 
Donna Olson,
Equity Residential Properties Trust

"GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!  Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to create and reinvent ideas, it's also a great networking tool, and also a chance to meet counterparts in other parts of the industry and country."
Marthajo Gentry,

"Every year gets better.  You will go home with fabulous ideas, and the best part is that they can be implemented right away!" 
Kathy Pisoni,
CMA Direct

"This is the one event you must go to… rub elbows with the best of the best!"
Michelle Davis,

"Brainstorming was the best therapy and motivation anyone could ever have.  I came last year and will be a loyal attendee forevermore.  Companies who do not send representatives are going to be bowled over by the companies who did!"
Barbara Re,
VIP Management, LLC  

"I learned more in three days than any other conference and am walking away with great ideas to use!"
Kacie Fields,
Summit Properties

"I'm filled to overflowing with ideas that will make a difference!" 
Joyce Stowers,
Standard Enterprises

"WOW!!  This was so much fun!  What energy under one roof!  I have learned so much and gained a lot of new friendships.  I can't wait 'til next year!"
Bridgette Mooney,
South Atlantic Management

"I have dreamed of coming to the Brainstorming Sessions for ten years!  I should have made it happen before now.  I won't miss another year from now on!  Absolutely fantastic!  Thanks!" 
Kimra Holcomb,
EQR - Lexford Division

"It was "out of this world" for the new communities of the future!  Can't wait 'til next year!  I can't say enough about this great experience!!"
Jenny Goodman,
Park Central Property Management, LLC

"No other event compares to the energy, enthusiasm and brilliant resourcing that Brainstorming offers!  It is thrilling and an honor to literally work hand in hand with industry giants to create and share ideas!  I love this event -- thank you!"
Brenda Coons,
Gene B. Glick Co.

"Powerful, useful, realistic, fun, and a great networking experience!" 
Tina Cavaco,
Centra Asset Partners

"I'd never heard of Brainstorming until I was told I would be a part of Brainstorming 1999 -- I feel energized and so 'out of the box', I can move a mountain with the twitch of my nose.  Thank you Brainstormers for giving me the benefit of power in my own hands." 
Chris Rodriguez,

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